This artist wanted to create a place and continue the movement to realize the deeper definition of Love. I treat Love not just as an emotion, but as the essential human condition, where the emotion of love then, as the most powerful and beneficial of the emotions, can serve as the channel that allows love to flow into, and influence every meaningful connection we choose to make. Love holds together the entire universe creating connections from every atom that is part of it. In this way it can be said each one of us is an aspect of this universal Love.

It’s been said “Love makes the world go around,” and I feel this is very true! The universe works in accord with the laws of attraction, repulsion, creation, liberation, just the same way Love dynamically behaves in our human experience.

For those of you that know me, I’ve been chipping away at this project for some time. The website www.deeplevellove.com is a place-holder for now, as I write a book which surveys the subject of LOVE in it’s grandest sense, it’s history and it’s future …

“Love or perish” is an admonishment not to be taken lightly. We need to connect and correct the path of human history and now is the time. There is never anything wrong with too much love, only not enough, and that goes for both you and for others.

I invite you to join our community, where ever you are, and learn more about the greatest power in the universe, and how you can “Live Love,” change your life, and CHANGE THE WORLD!
Thank you, I love you! (Now tell someone else you love them today!)

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