Happy New Year 2018!

With all the resources at hand, and all the Love in our hearts, lets make this year a new beginning as men and women everywhere make love the priority. Deep level Love is the most under utilized natural resource for connectivity, creativity, and healing. It is THE most powerful sub-atomic energy, reaching to every corner of the great I-Love-Universe yearning for fulfillment. An it all begins with “I”!

Love is who we are, and it’s what we do. Plant that idea in yourself, and it should instantly make you feel better. The feeling of Love is the clue it’s built into our natures. Cultivate that feeling and it will grow into every aspect of your lives. You’ll find it everywhere: how you feel about your family, friends, hobby, nature, pet, sports team, favorite automobile, music/art, toast with butter and honey … and you want to share it with everyone.

Not everyone cares about it … indifference is the plague that make us less than human. But love is BOLD, so have heart and not be discouraged. It’s all so worth it. It’s the next step in human development / evolution, and vital to our very survival!

Exciting news!

A proud moment to see my symbol design turned into a real 3D physical object! Love pin photo

This was my original inspiration: that this little I HEART U sketch in my drawing book would probably look great as a pendant! I’ve been giving them away to friends and family, and will soon offer them to the public. Having some fun stickers made too, and who knows … maybe one day this symbol will be seen everywhere as a reminder of the life-changing Love that’s available everywhere, if you just look for it and tune-in!

Here’s another version I made that might go on the book cover – once I find the time to continue writing the Deep Level Love book … which really is my most passionate desire, making this available to all. COLORHRT-1 Just remember, if nothing else, I love you! It’s the heart of the matter! <3