Cool Pins and Pendants


It was so amazing to finally get the package in the mail! I’d been waiting for weeks to see how the premiere production run of my first 100 I LOVE YOU pins and charms looked, but once I signed for it at the door, couldn’t open it for almost an hour! Part of being an artist … nervous to see how your design turned out. I think of this symbol as a reminder – a reminder of the love I have for all my fellow being-Humans, and one day I hope to see this symbol shown everywhere, reminding everyone of the Love I know that’s always there, around and inside us, and always available to all.

Love pin photo

Now I’m giving them away to friends and family. Whenever I give one out to someone, I tell them “I Love you! I hope you remind yourself of that Love whenever you wear it. Let it shine out in every encounter and spread the Love where ever you go!” Wouldn’t it be great if it became a movement, and this message of Love was shared everywhere? Well, I like to think of it as a movement … and it’s just beginning!

Right now, this is just me – a creative soul – putting this I LOVE U out there and trying to write a book about it (2016? – Deep Level Love!!). For me it’s simply a wonderful idea that the universe operates on a love basis, by a flow-exchange. It’s always in the background, but we can also direct it. We know it by the marvelous emotion we can experience. But it’s more than the common misconception that it’s only for families and sweethearts. In the great I – LOVE – Universe it’s for everyone, and everyone gets a chance to fulfill their own ideal. I like to say we’re all on a mission: to Love, and be as Loving as humanly possible. Love, I believe, is the basis for all connection and creativity. Eat it up and breath it in!

I’d like to see just how this idea can be spread. Right now I’m just wondering if anyone sees this(?) Really, this is off the top of my head as I write this: I’d like to sincerely go ahead and offer a free pin OR pendant to the first seven people in the US and CANADA who write me at “admin at deeplevellove dot com” (you know how this works) with your address, and I’ll send you one of your choice! Now, I have that nervous excitement ++again … I’ll email you back first. Please no spam bots. The rest of you, thank you for your kind support. If nothing else, remember you are loved!