Excerpt from New Book


I write this book with urgency, for it seems it can wait no longer. These troubled times we live in call for a healthy dose of Love on a deep level, perhaps like no other. As humans, while spreading far and wide across the globe like never before, we struggle harder for connection with others, despite the systems we’ve built which pretend to bring us closer, and quicker. “The Shrinking Globe” is a commonality we have accepted for a generation, as methods of travel bring far off lands to-foot within one long sit, economic ties reach farther and deeper, and communications across the earth happen at the speed of light.

Yet how enriched have we really become, even with access to all the archives of human experience sitting on small super computer devices, literally in the palm of our hands? In the United States, the divorce rate is not improving, and social values are reported to be declining, with a serious drug-addiction crisis looming despite authoritative efforts to curtail it. Angry conflict appears the norm between opposing political viewpoints, and friction between the races remain a daily news topic. It’s a relief to hear stories of cooperation between people for worthy causes, however these examples come to attention only after a terrible disaster occurs. We’re certainly very busy people these days – just for myself, carving out moments to write this book is a cherished occurrence, because so many other important things compete for serious time.

A book of Love is needed to be written. When this idea was inspired in me, I found it curious that no other published book could be found which explored the totality of the experience of love, and its importance to our lives as evolving creatures. I hope the reader will find value in these diverse topics, and likewise be struck by the notion that Love might be the most under-utilized natural resource we have, and also become inspired to hold high the lamp of Love and seek similar enterprise in furthering its’ cause. Which, at its core is a profoundly human cause.


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