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recently published––
June 3, 2020
originally written––
April 4, 2020


It’s never a bad time to talk about love.

NOW is always the best time - and in this early 21th century we live in it seems like there’s never been a better time.

Love is our exalted emotion, and it's power can drive everything we do, because it's who we are. The message of deep level love is that it's the number one natural resource available to each of us – and probably the most under-utilized – and the most important hope we have for creating the real world of harmony we all aspire to.

Believe me, I’ve wanted to talk more about it sooner and share widely my Super-Love-Symbol (SLS) with the world, but life – just like Love – can be complicated. It’s simple though too: we just do what we can for a time, until the time is right to do something new. And the time is now for something new.

Even though I’ve been writing the beginnings of a book about love since 2014, I’ve also changed jobs, got married, owned a restaurant for a while, sold it, had death in the family, and added a puppy to it. But I always had time to think about love. It was easy to, with all the helpful material I had going on to inspire me!

The more I considered the simple idea behind “I Love You,” the more it affected me. It’s so full of meaning, but as much as it provides joy and uplifting hope, it can also be scary and uncomfortable for many people. Something in me just demanded more clarity of what it all meant. So, I mustered my resources and continued exploring.

Many books about Love have already been written, so what gives me the audacity to think I should write one? About LOVE, of ALL things? In my view, most books on the subject were written in a specific context for a specific audience: mainly about romantic/sexual love, or religious/spiritual in some way. Rarely touched on was the big idea that we hear about in songs and poetry that speaks for something for everyone, real and down to earth. There is something necessarily practical about love in our shared human experience that extends beyond the specifics of romance or religion that deserves attention. Not everybody gets a soulmate, or becomes a disciple, and it’s just as well for you and me that there are many experts much more qualified than I to write on those subjects. I can write about the value of something broader and deeper, the way I see it after nearly 6 decades of experience and observation.

My work-in-progress is an all-encompassing survey of LOVE, which has a decent start going as I write this, with the hopeful goal of being complete and published by late 2021. In it are chapters on biological love, psychological love, historical & contemporary cultural perspectives, the religious & philosophical heritage, and my pet postulation of the new Quantum Love Theory, which is a fun and novel idea (or... maybe it’s really very ancient, and just needed an update?).

My ideas come from a broad range of resources and education, mainly in the humanities and natural sciences. With two college degrees, I have always been interested in knowledge and research, delving into a subject and collecting numerous facts and perspectives from enough diverse sources until a big picture emerges. After many years and experiences, even with a skeptical nature, the truth of it all really did seem to boil down to the significance of Love. Love is, after all, extremely impactful in many so ways: naturally to our biology and psychology, but there are also larger sociological, economic and historical factors beyond ourselves which influence, as well as are influenced by, our collective response to love in our lives.

This book will be full of important ideas to think about and special feelings to explore, which are needed in our very distracted and divided society. The work aspires to be a guide of sorts, for really understanding who we are as people, and how we can best use and value the time and resources available to us. I like to say, “At the heart of every matter is Love.” Modern life has gotten very complicated behind the scenes lately, and is marked by the many ways it unglues us from our basic humanity and need for real connections. We’re ever more reliant on the clever artificial systems we’ve devised, which have exploded in influence without creating a personal relationship with the fearless and vibrant urges of life that surround us. I’m afraid we’re losing our human natures the further we get distracted from the rhythms of nature.

Connection is vital. Without it we are left with our blind spots which need the loving eye of others to help reveal to us. Having strong relationships with people is the most basic requirement for a healthy life, beginning with ourselves. Inner mindfulness of this is important. Creative energy is needed more than ever to bridge the gap. The corona virus crisis has shown us all around the world what it means to give consideration to, regard to, compassion to, others in need who are affected by our direct and sometimes indirect actions. How can we move forward without utilizing our hearts as well as our brains?

Our intentions are never to cause harm, but if our attention is distant or blindly unaware, that ignorance can often cause harm to others. Love seen in the patterns of nature and the universe is the best way to increase awareness, give mindful presence to what is around us, and use our creativity to move us ahead into this new century. We can always rely on the fierce courage of love to face what the future holds for us and the next generation.

The Deep Level Love book is a continuation of thought which has no doubt followed us as a species since the dawn of time. At that moment we first became aware of our own mortality, life must have somehow become sweeter, gained more value, and our collective emotional load was lifted only as we began to cherish the time we had in between the two sacred points, along with the lives of people we share it with.

My hope is that by supplying a variety of sources from a wide scope of related subjects, and reaching a wide range of people, we can all begin to see love not as something scary, fake, or some locked up ideal placed on a pedestal, but something real and fulfilling in each and every one of our precious lives.

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