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Help Needed - Moving Sale

recently published––
April 19, 2022
originally written––
April 19, 2022

Would someone mind please helping me out? It’s a bit ironic and embarrassing be asking for help, especially after I imagined how much help this LOVE project might bring others (the WORLD was the goal!)... but what I’m asking for now is help with my “Moving Sale.” I need to sell off all my remaining “Super-Love-Symbol reminder” inventory, so I can restructure, and put my attention to where life is currently leading.

Prices are reduced across the board. Please visit the SHOP here AKA ...and please read on...

I started this Deep Level Love project ten years ago, after designing the “Super-Love-Symbol” just for fun. The inspiration then came to launch an awareness campaign for a deeper, and more valued appreciation of the love we’re all wonderfully capable of expressing. It seemed to me the world really needed it! So, I bought the domain, got a business license, and started this website. I began researching and writing a book (still in-progress) about the many perspectives of universal love, and posted regularly about LOVE on social media. I had “SLS” pins, stickers, t-shirts, buttons, charms, and decals made, for what I called love “reminders,” to sell and give away. Finally, in 2020 the official online store opened, and I hoped for sustainable income. Well, that didn't happen.

I’ll admit the inner-conflict between becoming a LOVE evangelist, and also a LOVE sales associate, hit me early. Perhaps that conflict interfered enough with my ability to craft a clear call-to-action to effectively reach a wider audience. All I can tell you is the responses I've received in the past few years have only been from a very small, but loyal group of family and friends (who I SO VERY MUCH appreciate!). Little recognition has been gained, or any traction made outside that circle. As things are, it's not enough to carry this project forward, so change needs to happen. The plan is keep this project alive with a reduced and more affordable format. Stay tuned for more!

If you’ve read this far, I thank you! To be clear, I’ve given away MANY, MANY more “reminders” than I’ve sold. But there’s only so much a business can write-off before it must become a “hobby,” so I need to try recouping some of the loss of investment I've made for this project.

That said, I’m not giving up, just refocusing.

--April 19, 2022

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