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recently published––
August 30, 2021
originally written––
August 1, 2021

Love is sure a great and wonderful thing. But "what *IS* love?" Our culture has a fairly foot-loose way of defining it, usually left to subjective whims and personal experience (which can be good ....until it isn't).

Deep Level Love is all about setting a criteria for the essential framework of #LOVE, as found in the creative patterns of nature and the universe. This will be explained in greater detail in my NEW BOOK being written right now!

Whether a religious or atheistic person, spiritual or material, the energy of Love is seen to have a real and necessary impact on everyone's well-being, which can benefit any belief-system. The way forward for all of us collectively, is to understand the amazing and clear power of #DeepLevelLove, and it's vital impact in the way each of us personally expresses it!

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