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What is Love

recently published––
May 17, 2020
originally written––
November 5, 2016

What is Love?

What is Love but the true magic we have in life? It is the indefinable force that binds us to every real personal relationship in our lifetimes – our family, friends, “neighbors,” lovers, our “pet-projects” and even our pets! Best described in the language of poets, love comes from a deep part inside us, the very heart of our matter. The heart is our most vital organ which, unlike many of the fleeting emotions of love we experience, refuses to cease its passionate and relentless rhythm of pulling in, and releasing, the sanguine flow of life to the very end. To feel ‘I love you’ from the heart, and then say it, expresses probably the most important idea we can say to another, and affirms the magic within us.

“Love makes the world go ‘round,” as the song sings. This reveals a mystery beyond the familiar references to marriage and babies that we're conditioned to expect. If you have ever thought about those lyrics, or even the claim “God is Love,” then you've felt –deep down– love matters very much in many more ways than mere emotions or brain chemicals. Science proves that everything in the universe is made of energy that expresses itself in different ways, and in theory (yet unproven) that a “unified field” contains and combines all the forces of electricity and magnetism into one primary energetic essence. For this artist, I believe that potent principle energy is Love! Love means growth, and growth is Life, and life is all about marriage and babies, and much, much more.

The first time you say “I love you” to someone who isn’t your parent is such an important thing, but it can also be an awkward feeling because love carries such power. Especially with romantic love, combining such deep emotion with nervous effort of will, mixed with both hope and the uncertain fear of judgement, is a very new and uncomfortable experience. You are reaching into your very core and sharing the most important part of your life to someone else, with the hope everything might become totally different after that moment! When the fears of such rejection are minimized, the feeling of saying it becomes effortless and natural. Marriage and babies are often a result. Love is a life-changer.

Telling someone else you love them, for any reason, like everything, gets easier and more comfortable with practice, so it’s recommended you do it often! When you turn that idea around and apply it to yourself, hope and inspiration should be instant. And that it where it needs to always start, with loving yourself, because inside of your Self –the very heart of your matter– is a vast reservoir of Love, enough for you, and plenty to spread around to everyone. And that is love’s greatest strength. Like pure gold, love can be hammered down and expansively flattened, and keeps on spreading long after it was expected to run out. Love is a game-changer.

Often, love is placed high on the pedestal of lofty ideals, to just sit there and gather dust. Some people just talk about it once a week, or some only two or three times a year! Love is certainly the numero-uno top drawer emotion, but we mustn’t conflate that with worldly comparisons and dress up love with too much pomp and circumstance. That’s great for special occasions, marriage and babies, but love loves just as much the crowded squares where people cheer, the warm homes where people laugh, and all the dusty roads where people are moving, disconnecting here, reconnecting there. Love is an important ingredient of every moment, because at any second a seed of love can sprout and transform now into a time of creativity, healing, or reconnection in ways not dreamed of the second before. It is the genius behind all innovation, and at the root of all progress in change. Love is a world-changer.

I love you. This is simply the most powerful statement of hope ever known, and ever persists in the consciousness of the human race. Sometimes it makes a gigantic explosion, most times it’s just the little things, and I mean the smallest, most imperceptible and seemingly insignificant actions where love is strongest. It can be a mystery, or brutally obvious. You still know it whenever love is near. It combines bold bravery, and gentle kindness in one package. Love always offers infinite hopeful possibilities. Know it’s always in you, and you can feel pretty good about that! Only where Love is do giggles exist.

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