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April 19, 2022
HELP NEEDED: Moving Sale on ALL Reminders. I've decided to liquidate my inventory and move to a new, more affordable format. Time to refocus
August 30, 2021
Deep Level Love is found in the creative patterns of nature and the universe
May 17, 2020
Is Love just an Emotion or does it go deeper?
February 14, 2020
A little bit on the history of Love and Valentine's day
June 3, 2020
A NEW book teaches us how science, history, and culture show LOVE is our best resource to increase awareness, give mindful presence to what is around us, and use our creativity to move us ahead into the 21st century.
January 1, 2020
Happy New Year to All the Lovers out there in this World of Ours. We will get through this!


Super-Love-Symbol Necklace

Handmade Stainless Steel "Reminders" of Love - for yourself or a loved one. Get yours today and remind others of the incredible power of love in the I-Love-U-Niverse.


Stickers & Decals

Super-Love-Symbol Small Sticker Pack (6)

6 small round stickers featuring Super-Love-Symbol.

Super-Love-Symbol Sticker Pack 1 (5)

Pack of 5 original design, heavy duty, high quality Super-Love-Symbol stickers.

Super-Love-Symbol Regular Decal

Single original design, heavy duty, high quality Super-Love-Symbol vinyl decal.


Pins, Buttons & Charms

Super-Love-Symbol Regular Button

Single original design, heavy duty, high quality Super-Love-Symbol button.



Regular T-shirt

The original Super-Love-Symbol screenprinted on black cotton-blend unisex tees, XL / L / M / S