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Deep Level LOVE

LOVE is at the heart of every matter.

Introducing the




I Love You!!!

LOVE IS SOMETIMES HARD TO SEE in the world . . . This is what the SUPER-LOVE-SYMBOL is all about: sharing LOVE to U, from me, and the great "I-Love-U-niverse." 

LOVE is BOLD, and deserves to be seen more!  (which is why I usually spell it in ALL-CAPS!) WRITE ME and I'll send you A FREE "Reminder" STICKER!!!
Stick it on someone you LOVE (even yourself), because we all deserve a little reminder we are LOVED!

A LOVE Story

The Super-Love-Symbol is a unique & iconic design proclaiming the simple power found in the declaration “I LOVE YOU!”

In a world so in need of LOVE, it's THE ONE THING we can express more that will bring hope and healing to the world. And it all comes naturally to us: Humans are made to express LOVE!

This project began as a simple doodle in my Graphic Design sketchbook from long ago. Then one day in 2012, I was inspired by the fun notion to transform this little drawing into LOVE gifts for friends & family. Before I knew it, bold aspiration grew to someday see it BIG(!) bringing joy EVERYWHERE - like the peace-sign ☮ or smiley-face! 🙂

In 2015, I settled on "Deep Level Love" for the project, got the domain, launched the first version of the website, and produced the first pins & stickers.


I also started researching and writing on the biology, psychology, history, and sociology of our human love experience, for an ambitious, scholarly book I'm writing on this super-amazing subject of LOVE, seven years so far in the making! 


The pandemic years of 2020-21 were dedicated to writing, and posting inspiration on social media. The big website 2.0 came out then, with an online store for selling "SLS" branded items I call "Reminders," reminding everyone that we are indeed loved! This new version came to be in August 2023, with Reminders being now available by writing me, or sold through third parties at

Today is the right time for us all to bravely embrace our LOVE on this planet, and lift each other up – because it seems we’re running out of time. LOVE is the remedy we need NOW!

LOVE is our NUMBER #1 most powerful, freely available natural resource, and the only force potent enough to save us from the path of annihilation where many see us headed. Let's put it to good use! It’s now or never. It's deep in our human nature, just waiting  to transform the world by it's expression.

Our big brains have gotten us this far . . . but NOW we need loving human hearts guiding us on to the next important stage of history. 

We need only seek LOVE on a deeper level, where the wonderful power of all healing, connection, and creativity lives, and where we all truly belong.

Will you please help get the word out?


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development of the super-love-symbol
Neon Love

What We Do


DEEP LEVEL LOVE has 3 missions:

  1. To provide FREE “Love Reminders,” sharing the Super-Love-Symbol to the world, along with sales, in support of universal love-awareness, campaign growth, charitable donations, website costs, plus for the work in progress of my forthcoming book: "Deep Level Love."
    T the BOOK))

  2. To examine our connections with LOVE, and bring deeper awareness to our natural LOVE-ability, refamiliarizing ourselves with its universal importance and value to our lives,  going beyond the superficialities portrayed by popular culture.

  3. To create a worldwide campaign of loving people who will agree to remind others often “I love you(!)” expressing deep level love in thought, word, and deed, wherever life leads.

Who We Are


I'm an artist/designer/writer in my 6th decade of life, who after a long multi-faceted career, is giving back and working as a state certified home health care aide. This project is just me, and my helpful family, together with the whole inspirational deep level love community, which really is all of us, whether or not we know it!

**Helpful partners are sought to help create and carry forward the vision of Deep Level Love - If interested, please email me!!!**

What We Believe


LOVE is a powerful force for good, on every level, and one of the richest experiences we can enjoy in life. It strengthens every relationship, makes sex better, and likely even runs the entire universe on a deep level as a fundamental principle - a natural quantum reality we might as well call "love," since it operates on a pattern similar to our human condition of LOVE, resembling aspects of attraction, connection, creative growth, and transformation: the real "unified force!" Our sometimes overwhelming emotional reaction to it may be one clue. Our biology is wired for it, and our psychology is primed for it. But we still don't know all about it! Let's dive in . . . check out my BLOG SECTION

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