Share a Super-Love-Symbol "Reminder"
with Someone you LOVE

*SLS* Auto Decal

Weatherproof heavy duty, high quality Super-Love-Symbol vinyl decal. Looks great on your car or truck window! (6.5inch)

$ 8.50 USD

*SLS* Round Sticker Pack (4)

$ 9.50 USD

*SLS* Square Sticker Pack (4)

$ 11.50 USD

*SLS* Die-Cut Stickers (4)

Pack of 4 original design, high quality, heavy duty weather-proof vinyl, die-cut Super-Love-Symbol stickers. (3.5-inch)

$ 16.50 USD

*SLS* Mix Sticker Pack (3)

Pack of 3, original design, heavy duty weather-proof vinyl Super-Love-Symbol stickers. 1- 3.5” die-cut, 1- 3” square, 1- 1.75” round sticker

$ 9.50 USD

*SLS* Regular T-shirt

$ 16.50 USD

*SLS* Pin

Shiny Stainless Steel pin with back. A classy "Reminder" of Love for yourself or a loved one. (0.8-inch)

$ 11.50 USD

*SLS* Charm

Shiny Stainless Steel charm with loop. A classy "Reminder" of Love for yourself or a loved one. (0.8-inch)

$ 11.00 USD

*SLS* Small Button

$ 5.00 USD

CUSTOM Gold Super-Love-Symbol Pendant, with garnet and diamond

**PLEASE INQUIRE ON AVAILIBILITY** Approximately 5-6 weeks to make and deliver. 16K gold cast love symbol with 1.5karat red garnet heart, and diamond to dot the "I." Gold chain and box optional.

$ 0.00 USD