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Updated: Jan 25

It’s never really a bad time to talk about love.

NOW is always the best time—and in this post-pandemic, early 21st century we live in, it feels like there’s never been a more better time. It’s easy to see our world is experiencing a crisis for LOVE!

Love is our most exalted quality, containing all the best of our noble morals and ethics—from courage, kindness, compassion, and respect—and it's power can drive everything we do, because it's the way we’re made to operate.

But despite being our best life-affirming quality, and our NUMBER #1 most powerful, freely available natural resource, sadly LOVE isn't making the positive impact in people's lives, and the world, that I know it can. Why is that? The time is long overdue to shine some light on this vital topic of LOVE.

(COMPLETED BLOG DUE ....any day now! - busy times... ;-) )

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