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Updated: Mar 18

It’s never a bad time to talk about love. . .

and I find that NOW is always the best time!

In this post-pandemic, early 21st century we live in, it sure feels like we’ve never had a better time for a long overdue, heart-to-heart. It’s easy to see our planet is experiencing a world-wide shortage of LOVE, and levels are growing critically low!

The majority of people who comment about my DEEP LEVEL LOVE project, typically agree “the world sure needs more love!” Indeed. And while I appreciate how many think they have a good enough grasp of the subject to get by, I get the feeling we can do a lot more with it.

It’s always been a wonder to me why any should ever suffer for lack of love. As I’ve studied the subject over many years, I’m in agreement with the experts (and most folks) who declare that love is our most exalted human quality, and the essential core of the best morals and noble ethics we’ve developed over time; from courage, kindness, loyalty, to trust, compassion, and respect—LOVE is life’s best hack—but too few of us are doing anything about it.

The mixed messages we get are understandably confusing! A lot of these dismiss LOVE as a troublesome and barely worthwhile second-rate emotion. Others are so open and permissive to enable irresponsibility and selfish codependency, as if “unconditional” meant a total lack of healthy boundaries.

I’m here to tell you LOVE is available in abundant supply, and can do more than we give it credit for, even if our connection is often times questionable . . .and so I'm writing a book to say more—and it’s not just about Valentine’s Day for a change.

I wish everyone was intimately acquainted with the energy LOVE generates, and fully appreciate what it can accomplish in their lives. Psychology and neuroscience tells us it drives everything we do because it’s in our design. At the same time, it also impacts the people around us in big ways. It’s like the classic song by The Beatles, “All You Need Is Love!” It's deep in our human nature, just waiting (as we allow it) to transform the world by its expression.

But despite being our best life-affirming quality, and our NUMBER # 1 most powerful, and freely available natural resource, LOVE, sadly, isn't making as positive an impact in people's lives that I know it could. Why is that?

Before I attempt an answer, first I’ll point out something that you’ve probably noticed. I often spell LOVE in “all caps!” This is because I believe LOVE deserves to stand out and get more attention. It’s also worth exclaiming(!), for as often as it’s ignored and neglected. This is a big part of my inspiration for writing the book.

I’ll also add a little bit about me here. As I write this, I’m now in my 6th decade, and at work again as a home health aide, as I did long ago in college. As a life-long learner, I’ve earned two degrees, numerous certificates, and have spent most of my years as a graphic designer, Art Director, and producer of educational multimedia, mostly in science. I’ve also worked in a variety of rewarding roles in hospitals, in surgical supply and instrumentation, doing direct patient care as a CNA in a nursing home, as well as work as a cattle ranch hand, in cheeses and charcuterie, and have even owned and operated a craft pub-style restaurant for a few years.

I’m a people-person, first and foremost, always fascinated by the beauty of human culture and its’ expression throughout history, and so I live for adventure and broadening experiences. I enjoy travelling and have been to all 50 of the United States (well, except Maine!), and lived in 5. I’ve raised my two lovely children, and am helping right now with two amazing step-kids, finally nearing the end of my 35th year of co-parenting –whew!

Today in 2024 I bear witness to a world struggling with rapid change. Our planet endures crisis after crisis, and in many cases only human beings can do anything to help—but we’re failing miserably, regardless of 6,000 years of “civilization” to teach us otherwise. Dire predictions warn of catastrophic shifts possible in our future, and the signs are growing uncomfortably apparent every day.

But I really believe we can change things for the better, and it’s easier than you might think. Honestly!

Believe me, I’ve wanted to talk about LOVE sooner. In 2014, as I began to share my Super-Love-Symbol (SLS) with the world, promoting the important declaration "I love you" in this new way, the wild notion grew in my head and heart to take the concept even farther. I was struck by the “sense sublime of something far more deeply interfused,” as the poet Wordsworth once wrote. What if a book that explored our human LOVE experience could make some better sense of love's crazy complexities, enhance people's lives with a clearer understanding, and help the world along the way?

It probably wouldn’t hurt!

LOVE deserves a new look.

Many books have already been written about it, so what gives me the unabashed audacity to think I should write one? A book about LOVE . . .of ALL things?? After spending a significant amount of time looking onto the market of literature, I was surprised and a little disappointed to discover that most books were written for either a particular academic audience, or mainly with a limited “Pop” focus.

Such works cover well the specialties of neuroscience, sexual psychology, dating, couples therapy, and the other-worldly pathways of spiritual philosophy and religion, with all their subsets. But rarely touched on was the BIG idea of an existential STATE OF LOVE with a deep personal connection to life that we hear about in songs and poems. This was my signal to see that we’ve all been missing out.

As an artist, educator, and caregiver, I have always been an advocate for our humanity, and for maximizing human potential, lifting people up in authentic service. Even as I’ve handed-out my Super-Love-Symbol “reminders,” generously sharing the simple message “I love you” with others, I saw another great opportunity was presenting itself.

After realizing for myself how LOVE extends beyond the scope of romance or religion, and is in everyone’s best interest—something so practical and necessary for every relationship we form that it’s commonly taken for granted—I felt a compelling urgency to help others come to a better understanding of LOVE.

Not everybody finds a soulmate, or becomes a holy disciple, and it’s just as well for you and me (and them) that there are many experts more qualified than I to write books on those topics. My intention is to shine a light into it ALL, and share the broader and deeper value of this vital LOVE resource to everyone, in useful ways I’ve discovered after a full decade of dedicated research, on top of 60 years of additional observation and life experience.

This vision grew rather naturally, but it did take a while. During the time my wife and I ran our restaurant, which was a challenging 24/7 obligation for a few years, I nevertheless kept the spark of inspiration burning, fulfilling my writing time by creating daily social media posts and graphics, remaining dedicated to reading and researching, and designing the new website.

After we sold the restaurant, I believed I could finally muster some scholarly effort, organize the mountain of material I’d collected, and produce the helpful reference guide I envisioned for people. By providing a comprehensive overview of the subject, I hope to achieve three specific goals:

1) dispel the misconceptions about what LOVE really is (which are rampant in popular culture); 

2) spark a healthy interest of our natural and innate “love-ability” (we’re all lovable beings); 

3) encourage self-esteem, self-worth, and compassion for others around the world.

Everyone should benefit from this—because that’s the very practical effect LOVE has! It certainly has that effect on me!

And so I got to work. I was eager and happy knowing that the things I needed to write about were areas I’ve fortunately always been interested in, and have been studying my whole life!

The book will be a deep dive into the many factors that make up our natural connection to LOVE, beginning with a discussion of what it is, and how to better integrate it into our being. Next, a focus on the objective elements of our human biology and psychology, as they relate to our rich emotionality—and this is key for learning the best use of our emotions.

The chapters that follow will examine the phenomenology of the collective views of LOVE experienced throughout history, and into today’s social and cultural attitudes. I will share valuable insights from experts on the implications these have for future developments within society, and how LOVE can fulfill our search for well-being and happiness, no matter what the circumstances.

All will borrow from the best and most modern scientific research on LOVE, which is an exciting and emerging field of study. I also include new material from a quickly growing body of knowledge made possible from advances in the fields of neurobiology, quantum physics, and the psychology of the emotional mind. All distilled into an easily read and understandable anthology of LOVE!

Finally, I argue that LOVE is a natural response to the observable pattern of connection in the universe; something we could call the quantum “LOVE” continuum, which affects and infuses the development of every aspect of our health, consciousness, and will-to-action, because it’s in our responsive design. We operate this way because the universe does.

This is the crux for how we maintain the everyday fuel for our experience of life, and the crucial factor for the all-important harmonious relationships we seek and depend on. I believe the universe actually is supplying us with its own significant essence via the quantum field.

When I mention “design,” many ask if I’m referring to God or a supernatural influence. While I can’t say for sure, I make no claim for this Quantum Love Theory to be anything more than a “super” NATURAL state that influences everyone, regardless of belief. This universal LOVE knows no boundaries. It is limited only by one’s apathy, and flows only through one’s generosity of heart.

I include a practical guide for growing and nurturing our own genuine feelings of LOVE, from the heart, to generate a courageous and compassionate inner-strength. This resilient and adaptable energy we gain from LOVE is sorely needed today for a healthy, balanced emotional life, and establishing healthy boundaries. All to embody a bold and fresh outlook of life, with our own unique personal stamp on it, and with a responsible awareness towards the wellbeing of others around us too. This is game changing!

The Deep Level Love book will be a continuation of thought which has no doubt followed us as a species since the dawn of time. From the moment we first gave thought to our mortality, in that instant life must have somehow become sweeter, gained more value, as we began to cherish the time we have between the 2 sacred endpoints, along with the people we share our lives with.

LOVE should never be regarded as an abstract ideal placed high on a pedestal, or some rare commodity held in reserve only for formal occasions, but as the rich fulfillment of each and every one of our precious lives, meant for daily use.

Self-generated, universal-human LOVE is the real hope we have for creating the a functioning world of harmony, peace, and balance that we all aspire to. This is being human. We need to recognize and encourage the best traits possible within the complexity of our being. And this is why I continue to investigate and write this important book.

"We all have one mission in Life: to LOVE, and be as loving as humanly possible!"

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