We all have one simple mission in life...
To love and be as loving as humanly possible.
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I❤️U. I heart you. I Love You!

We love you!

I don’t say this in a fake, superficial, or romantic way. I mean it in a deeper, UNIVERSAL way: from the heart of the great "I-Love-U-niverse," where everyone and everything else is part.

In times like these, a message of hope is vital, and nothing is more vital or hopeful than love. It's the heart of every matter!
Our human emotions can experience love as a very powerful feeling, but do you realize you’re missing out on something MUCH DEEPER?
Go from seeking love to living love
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I love you!
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This artist-created home for Love was inspired by a little symbol sketched in my sketchbook many years ago.
The Super-Love-Symbol was born to perpetually evoke the power found in the simple declaration of “I love you.” ❤

The first notion to grow in my heart was to transform this little symbol into a gift for friends & family, but then bold aspiration grew with the possibility to someday see it everywhere, like the next big peace-sign ☮ or smiley-face! 🙂

Because now is the time for us all to bravely embrace the love of our wonderfully shared human existence & community. It’s now or it’s never. Our big brains have gotten us this far, but it's now time for the heart to lead us to the next stage, because Love is the only energy potent enough to get us there. Love is literally everywhere, and it really does make the "world go 'round!" We only need to release our fear, take courage, and find our love on a deeper level, where all healing, connection and creative power live.


That is possible
with DeepLevelLove.

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You are invited to be added to the world-wide  "I Love You" movement simply by saying "YES!" to Love.
If you agree that love is all important, and dedicate your heart to this courageous & grassroots initiative, simply add your name & email (never shared!) to the growing list of love fans around the world.

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Blogs, Articles, Posts, Graphics and Love!
Inspiration, and research on the Quantum Love Theory (QLT), plus info on the forthcoming book: Deep Level Love!

Deep down we all know that love matters in many ways. Science knows that the universe and everything in it is made of energy bundled-up in various ways, and in theory (yet-unproven) a “unified field” contains and combines all into one primary force/energy. This artist believes that principle energy is what we call love. Let's all step up to the next level, a deep and new level, and greet the hopeful power of the great “I-Love-U-niverse!”

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Your patronage and financial assistance is greatly appreciated,
as is spreading the message of Love everywhere you go,
and sharing the Super-Love-Symbol™ anywhere you can!

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