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WHITEPAPER About Deep Level Love & the Super-Love-Symbol

Like a bolt from the blue, an arrow of cupid, piercing deeply LOVE strikes!

How profound LOVE is! As I introduce the story behind the Super-Love-Symbol to you, I’d first like to inform the reader that I often spell LOVE in “all caps” – for it’s deserving of greater notice, and should stand out. It’s worth exclaiming!

I’d also like to say, if you’ve never been in love, you should really try it! LOVE is, after all, our number #1 most freely available, abundant, and powerful natural resource—even if it is tragically also the most under-utilized (to our loss). I suspect you’re in a form of LOVE right now, and don’t even know it. Why would I suggest this?

LOVE is foundational to human life and happiness, fundamental to everything we care about and create, and the reason why we even do anything! It gives the most enthusiastic meaning to life, and is built-in to our survival. LOVE is at the very heart of every matter.

LOVE is also evident in every relationship we have, and exists along a spectrum of expression spanning from passion, empathy, compassion, respect, down to bare tolerance, and the boundaries we form. LOVE is behind the scenes, affecting every friendship and kinship we bear, even how we regard the strangers we meet.

LOVE is so much more than a superficial Hollywood dramedy or sentimental valentine, and the real stuff is genuinely needed NOW more than ever on this planet of ours.

But at first, I wasn’t so clued into all of that... ((MORE COMING IN AUGUST))

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